Furnace Maintenance Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid

WARNING! You could be making one of these furnace maintenance mistakes without even knowing it! Small errors in maintenance can lead to costly problems and uncomfortable breakdowns in the future. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you by learning the maintenance mistakes you need to avoid this winter season. 

Neglecting Your System

There is more to maintenance than just calling a technician. You can ensure that your furnace is working properly by inspecting your system and its fixtures. You may notice that pieces, such as wires, drive belts, or blower blades are damaged or dirty. Home items may also be placed too close to your air registers, blocking air from flowing into your home. Clogged filters make it difficult for your heated air to make its way into your home. Changing your air filters is also an easy, inexpensive task to do on your own. 

Ignoring Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors are devices that warn you if too much CO has made its way into your home. We walk a narrow line when it comes to safe and unsafe levels of CO because small amounts of the chemical will always be present when your furnace is functioning. When your furnace is malfunctioning or damaged,  CO can be emitted at unhealthy levels. As an odorless and colorless chemical, the only way to know a leak has occurred is by installing these detectors. Skipping out on these safety measures is a mistake that can gravely affect your health. 

Skipping Your Annual Furnace Maintenance

When your system is maintained, you will be made aware of any potential problems with your furnace. Minor fixtures may have become damaged last winter and parts could have become dislocated as a result. Once a trained technician is inspecting your system, these problems can be handled in an efficient way. When you skip out on this maintenance, these issues will persist. Other larger parts and pieces will be overworked to compensate for this, putting you at risk for high repair costs and potential breakdowns. 

Voiding Your Warranty

In addition to improving the performance of your system, regular maintenance is actually necessary in order to maintain your warranty. Just like your car needs oil changes to work properly, your furnace needs tune-ups to function properly and efficiently. When you don’t give your system the attention it requires, the manufacturer will void your warranty, leaving you to pay costly repair and replacement costs. 

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