Here’s How A/C Tune-Ups Impact Your Home

Here at Waldrop, we know that staying comfortable in your home year-round is something every homeowner desires. Living in a home with poor A/C is uncomfortable and not ideal; however, check-ups allow your home to stay healthy and in its best shape! Let us explain how an A/C check-up affects your home and how it can improve its health.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Through daily occurrences, things like dust and debris accumulate. Of course, these things are always collecting in your home, but they can cause trouble for your A/C system when they get into your A/C filters. It decreases the function and efficiency of your A/C system, causing your system to work harder to keep you cool. A check-up allows for a technician to address blockages or issues that may be inhibiting your system’s efficiency, allowing for better airflow and high energy-efficiency.  

Lower Bills

With higher energy efficiency in your home, your bills will be less! When your system is working harder than it should to keep you cool, it will reflect in your monthly energy bills. By cutting monthly utility costs with a simple A/C check-up, our Waldrop team will address any issues to ensure your home is functioning properly.

Better Air Quality


The air quality in your home can have a large impact on your health. With an A/C check-up, it will detect if any contaminants are living in your home like mold, mildew, or bacteria. Once detected, these can be tackled so your home’s air quality can improve. Additionally, changing your air filters will increase your air quality, and allow a better flow in your home overall.

Extended A/C System Life

One of the biggest investments a homeowner can make is the investment of an A/C system. Making sure this investment is taken care of properly is important! An A/C check-up allows you to maintain the health of your system and extend its lifespan. Having an A/C system for 15+ years is a big deal, but that all comes from keeping up with A/C maintenance and ensuring your system is getting the TLC it deserves.

A/C check-ups can have a major impact on your home. Keeping your home running at peak performance is important for the upcoming warmer months when air conditioning is needed most. Contact Waldrop at 864-541-0447 today to schedule an A/C check-up for your home!

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