5 Signs You Need An A/C Tune-Up

Staying on top of your cooling system’s maintenance is the only way to be sure that it’s operating as efficiently as it should. Below are FIVE SIGNS that your system needs some TLC to ensure it will BEAT THE HEAT this summer.

Spotty Or Uneven Cooling​

When your airflow isn’t strong enough to cool your entire home, or if some areas are warmer than others, this can cause discomfort. Your cooling system is intended to keep your entire house always feeling cool and if it’s not, it’s time for a tune-up.

High Electricity Bills​

If you notice that your energy bills have increased, this is a sign that your A/C is working harder than it was before to keep your home cool. Whether a part needs to be tightened, replaced, or cleaned,a tune-up is necessary to get to the bottom of the situation and get your system working efficiently again.

Varying Temperatures On Your Thermostat​

If you have your home cooling system set to a certain temperature but the thermostat shows that your home is different, that’s a sure sign that something is off with your cooling system. Your system should be able to achieve your desired temperature. The problem at hand could be anything from your system’s vents, evaporator coil, or anything in between.

Strange Noises​

Are you hearing clunking or humming noises coming from your cooling system? Any new noise from your system is something that should raise a red flag. A part could be loose or there could be an electrical issue… either way, if a strange noise persists, something is off that wasn’t before.

It's Been A Year Since Your Last Tune-Up​

Has it been a year or more since your last tune-up? If so, it’s definitely time for your next one. Cooling systems are supposed to be maintained twice per year, so skipping out on both of these is only causing harm to your system. When your system isn’t regularly maintained by a professional, you will likely void your warranty, leaving you to deal with a hefty bill if parts need to be replaced down the line.

If you have noticed one of these FIVE signs happening in your home, be sure to call our Waldrop team. WE would be happy to help you BEAT THE HEAT this summer with a $49 A/C Tune-Up!

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