Our mission has always been centered around our commitment to protect the health, safety, and comfort of the families we serve. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking even stronger measures internally and externally to make sure that we deliver upon this commitment. We are instituting a MANDATORY SAFETY CHECKLIST that will outline how we work at our offices, in our trucks and in your home. This checklist is now a non-negotiable way of doing business and as the environment surrounding this virus evolves, we will adapt our processes to ensure the safest possible service experience for our team and our customers.




We will follow the guidelines and safety tips outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

We require that work surfaces at our office, all service vehicles being used in the field, and all cell phones used by team members be cleaned and sanitized after each use.

We have closed our building to outside visitors and vendors in an effort to limit unnecessary contact for our internal employees.

We will review all symptoms of COVID-19 with customers before we enter their home. We are requiring customers who have experienced symptoms to reschedule.

We will review all symptoms of COVID-19 with our team. If a team member or member of their family feels sick, or are returning from travels from an area identified as posing a COVID-19 related risk, they will have to stay home.




We will wear shoe covers and gloves in homes at all times.

We will use new, clean and sanitized drop cloths in homes.

We will completely sanitize any surface area or piece of equipment handled during the service.

All members of our team will be required to focus on frequent hand washing.

All team members have been instructed not to shake hands and to maintain a safe distance.

Our technicians will operate under formalized safety guidelines to protect themselves and others through the service experience.


For five decades our team at Waldrop has pridefully taken care of our customers and our community by working together towards a common goal. At this difficult time, our people are working together stronger than ever. We are going the extra mile to ensure the safety, comfort and protection of our fellow team members, our customers, and their families are being met. Now more than ever, we know that the services we provide are very important and we are up to the task. Please know that we are 100% committed to being here for you and we will get through this together. If you need us, please do not hesitate to call us at (864) 641-4011 to schedule service.

Jamie Porterfield

– Jamie Porterfield, Chief Operating Officer, Waldrop Inc